Day 11 – 2015 Transcontinental Trip

By the numbers:  Only three numbers today –  Zero, One, 93

  • 93 degrees – feels like 100
  • Zero:  miles travels, new states, new license plates, change in elevation, or national parks.
  • One:  Very fun relaxing day, historic site, riverboat ride, and historic Supreme Court decision.

We stayed closed to downtown San Antonio today.  Had planned to drive to a few close sites, but after a very pleasant talk with the woman putting out the hotel breakfast items, and based on her advise, we left the car in place and walked.

Visited the Alamo.  Decided not to stand in line for 2 hours in the sun.  I think there were more people at the Alamo than we saw in all of New Mexico.  Could see most of it without the wait in line which was just for the church.  A couple of thoughts about the Six Flags of Texas.

First, they count the governments that ruled over this area: Spain, France, Mexico, Texas, the Confederacy, and the USA, but do not count the indigenous people of America who lived in this area for 1000’s of years before any of the other showed up.  Maybe the native people should have thought to have a flag.

Second, while one of the flags is the confederate flag, it is not even the same flag people are having an issue with today.  The Confederacy never actually agreed on a single flag, so the one used in Texas was different than the one used in South Carolina.  Also, Texas’s attitude is that, “Yes, we were at one time part of the confederacy, but now we are part of the United States of America and the Confederate Flag doesn’t have any more place in our official places than does the Flag of Spain, France, or Mexico.”

Meet,river boat -resize Joseph D.  He was a our tour guide on a river boat ride around the river walk area of downtown San Antonio.  Great tour, reasonable price, and great tour guide.  We learned a lot and had many good laughs along the way.  I hope Seattle can learn a few things from San Antonio as the city tries to figure out what to do with it’s waterfront after the viaduct comes down.  Between Baltimore Harbor and the San Antonio river walk Seattle could learn some good lessons.

Tomorrow, the San Antonio Missions and onto Houston.

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