My serious interest in genealogy  began when I was 50 years old and found out for the first time that the person I had grown up believing to be my father was not. It’s a long story.  It involves lot’s of elements but several of them related to learning about available online resources for family research.  I intend to blog on a variety of topics including:

  • my personal quest to find my biological father
  • successes I have had in genealogical reseach
  • brick walls where I am stuck an seeking help from others
  • recommendations to others on how to get the most out of the available online genealogical sites.

In addition and along the way I will blog about other interests, including

  • visiting as many of our national parks as I can
  • all things about manipulable puzzles
  • Other topics of interest

Please feel free to contact me about anything you find of interest.  I would particularly be interested in hearing from other LDA’s, late discovery adoptees.  I have been able to help several people in this situation with suggestions and advice on dealing with this often difficult situation.

Randy Borkowski