2017 trip – Family

What we did today cannot really be put into words.  Today, at the age of 63 I met 10 family members for the first time, a niece and nephew and their spouses, and 6 grand nieces and nephews.  These are people who only 3 years ago I did not even know existed.  We had planned other meetings over the past 2 years but this is the first one that came to fruition.

Everyone was so gratious and wonderful.  We had much to talk about and I think we tried to accomplish it all in one evening, with mulitple conversations going on at the same time.  We ate and talked, drank and talked, played games and talked, and looked at pictures and talked.  I am so glad we have 2 more days to get to know each other and catch up on each others lives.  I will not be giving the whole back story here but hopefully I can finish the book I am working on in the near future and you can learn more then.

Tomorrow, I think I heard we will be doing a blind taste test of a variety of official Chicago style pizzas to see, once and for all, which is best.  I can hardly wait.



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