Ready for the 2017 National Parks road trip – start -2

Seems like we are almost ready to hit the road for out next big National Parks and other adventures road trip.  The plan is to travel over 8000 miles in about 50 days; to drive through parts of 20 states; to visit 32 new national park sites, 20 other national park subunits or revisits, 9 presidential home or sites, a dozen other museums, sites for famous folks, or oddities along the way.  In addition, we will visit various parts of the country where our ancestors lived and 10 cemeteries where about 25 of our ancestors are buried.  Finally, but not least, we will make about a dozen visits with various individuals or groups of people as we travel, including former classmates, friends and family.  Below are 3 maps which show the overview of where we will be heading.  Feel free to follow along.

I will try to blog most days and let you know what we have found. In addition, if you know me, you know I love to play with numbers.  So I will be keeping track of, and reporting on, almost everything that can be quantified: miles traveled, hours in the car (expecting over 200), parks and sites visited, a countdown to spotting at least one license plate from all 50 states, and maybe some elevation and temperature extremes as we find them.  The trip starts in 2 days on Tuesday the 5th.

One request we have:  For the kids, holding down the fort at the Borkalow, while we are  on the road, for friends following us and waiting for our return, and for friends following us who we are expecting to meet on the trip.  Please keep in touch while we travel by either commenting on these posts or by sending an email or a text.  We like to feel like we are staying connected while on the road.




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