Dead Ends

I have been successful in tracing most of our family lines at least back to the generation that “jumped the pond.”  For a few lines I have pretty solid information back to the early 1700’s, the 1600’s, and even beyond.  However, as is the case with anyone doing ancestry work there are always brickwalls to work on.  Here is a list of the closest deadends in my ancestry research.  These are the brick walls for which I would most appreciate any help from others.

Great Great Grandmother –  Rose Ann or Rosanne McCarty, born 14 Sep 1814 in Loudoun county Virginia, died 23 Mar 1863 in McConnelsville, Morgan, Ohio. She married Fenton Ethell (1816-1891) on 18 Aug 1836 in Fauquier county Virginia.  I have been unable to find any leads on her parents.

Great Great Grandparents – Johnathon G Miller (1834-1922) and Barbara (Wappes?) (1841-1913).  I tentatively have his parents as Eli Miller (1804-1886) and Catherine Eva Whistler (1814-1897), and her parents as Casper Wappes (1793-1865) and Margaret (1786-1873), but my documentation is very weak.

my wife’s Great Great Grandparents – Nicholus Mueller and Barbara Bastian, parents of Magdalena Mueller (1859-1923).

3rd Great Grandparents – the parents of Anna Margaretha Philippi (1805-1870):  Peter Phillipi and Maria Caspers.  I have their names but no other helpful information.

3rd Great Grandmother – Amelia Schoenen (1825-1886) who married Nicholas Peter Kuhl (1827-1919).  I beleive her father may have been Peter Schoenen (1799-1860) but I have no other information on him or his wife.

my wife’s 3rd Great Grandfather – Andre Schuver (1778-1850), Wiesviller, Moselle, Lorraine, France.  There were Schuvers in Wiesviller from the 1600’s onward but I have not been able to make the connection with Andre.