Count Down to 2015 Trip -14 days

14 days till we leave for a cross country trip.

2015 trip overview


Leaving in 2 weeks for a family reunion for all the descendants of Nick & Mary Goeser, to be held at the century farm owned by my cousin in Panama, Iowa.  The reunion is scheduled for August 9th so we decided to use this as an excuse to see parts of the country we haven’t been to before.  My wife and I have visited about 200 national park locations in the past 5 years.  We have a trip planned which will take us to, or at least near, many parks we have never been to.  The summary plan at this point has us traveling about 12,000 miles in about 60 days, through at least 23 states, to 50 or more national parks sites, many other museums, NASA, and Civil Rights related historical sites, with visits with friends and family along the way.

With 2 weeks left til launch we are busy trying to decide on how to pack our little Prius with the essentials for such a trip.  We will be traveling through parts of the country and hot weather that we are not used to so it is hard to know what is essential.

I plan to try to blog daily during the trip. Follow along if you want to hear about some of the amazing sites to see across this great country of ours.  For family members, I look forward to seeing you at the reunion in August.